I am keenly interested in various statistical and technological tools and methodologies that can be used to improve the way we do science. One of my goals is to enhance researchers’ access to and understanding of various technologies available to them. This includes understanding data collection tools like Mechanical Turk, as well as statistical tools like R. To these ends, I have had two opportunities to teach R to graduate students and faculty: a one-day workshop at the University of Waterloo in December 2014, and a two-day workshop at Wilfrid Laurier University in May 2017 (slides and code).

In addition, I currently have two R packages under development. The first, reghelper, assists with some of the routine tasks associated with regression. A second, paramtest, provides a general structure for running simulations and parameter searches. I am also on the steering committee for PsyArXiv, an open-access preprint service for psychological research. I hope in the future to continue working on other tools that can help researchers with statistics, methodology, and open science.

Data Science Projects